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Raleigh was founded by Frank Bowden in 1887 in a small cycle manufacturing shop on Raleigh Street, producing roughly three high-wheel bicycles each week. In 1899 Raleigh started to build motorcycles and in 1903 introduced the "Raleighette", a belt-driven three-wheel motorcycle with the driver in the back and a wicker seat for the passenger, placed between the two front wheels. Due to financial losses the production only lasted until 1908. In the 1930s Raleigh made another attempt in the department of motorized three-wheelers, this time with the single wheel at the front. In 1930 the company acquired the rights to the "Ivy Karryall", basically a motorcycle fitted with a cabin for cargo and a hood for the driver. Raleigh's version was called "Light Delivery Van" and had a chain drive. 1933 saw a two passenger version of it and also the invention of the first three-wheel automobile by Raleigh, the "Safety Seven", a four seated convertible with a drive shaft and a maximum speed of 55 mph. A saloon version was also in the making, but Raleigh shut down its motor department to concentrate on bicycles again. Chief Designer T. L. Williams took the equipment as well as the remaining parts and moved to Tamworth, where his company went on to produce three-wheelers for over 65 years. As his first vehicles were built with the leftover parts from Raleigh that carried an "R" on them, Williams had to opt for a matching name and called his company Reliant. Raleigh Industries bought BSA Cycles Ltd from the parent group in 1956. Raleigh Industries became TI/Raleigh after becoming part of the Tube Investments Group in 1960 . Raleigh produced millions of bicycles in its Nottingham factory and were, at one time, the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. The company acquired several other British bicycle manufacturers, notably Carlton Cycles, Phillips Cycles, and Hercules. Several mopeds were also made in the late fifties and sixties. By 1984, all Raleighs for the American market, save for the high-end Team USA and Prestige roadbikes, were being produced in the East for Raleigh. [citation needed]Bridgestone bicycles produced most of these machines.

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