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Tony Ellsworth founded his company based on his main hobby, driven by his love for mountain biking. He began by designing an innovative hardtail MTB frame that was embraced and used by friends and racers. A pro team soon followed, and not long after mountain bike aficionados the world over where seeking Ellsworth bikes. Ellsworth's first technology interest was in designing advanced suspension systems. After many prototypes, Tony's foresight and diligence was rewarded with the introduction of the premier Ellsworth mountain bike, Ellsworth Truth, which to this day remains a top seller. It is an energy efficient XC suspension design which has become a tried and true legend amongst mountain bikers. It boils down to Ellsworth's internationally patented Instant Center Tracking Technology. Ride an Ellsworth frame with ICT over any type of terrain and you'll really appreciate the suspension design that he created. The ICT design has garnered international acclaim for how the four-bar linkage technology provides up to 100% pedal power efficiency. This is accomplished by aligning the instantaneous center of the chain linkage torque line and continually tracking it through the range of travel. All ICT-equipped mountain bikes have 12mm pivot axles as well as oversized bearings; these provide for excellent pivot stability and added lateral stiffness throughout the bike frame while the rider is at full power. If you own an Ellsworth, you can feel as if you belong to a unique group of cyclists who find true satisfaction in riding a top notch bike. The patents held by Ellsworth are impressive indeed, and the bike and frame designs are continuously proven through pro MTB racing, test cycles during development, and ensuring that the Ellsworth bike you ride has the peak of bike technology, at a great value, all the while giving you the best ride.

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