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The classic carbon weave Aerospoke race wheel

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Aerospoke wheels have been around for quite a while, arriving on the bike scene about the same time as Spinergy wheels. The Aerospoke wheelset design which is most famous features 5 carbon spokes, as pictured. To compare, the Spinergy race wheel design had 4 spokes. The Aerospoke 5 spoke design featured solid carbon spokes, whereas the Spinergy wheels used pairs of carbon strips bonded together as well as riveted for strength. Aerospoke wheels may weigh a bit more than other similar spoked wheelsets, yet they are still quite popular as an aerodynamic wheel design for triathlon. In recent years, Aerospoke prices on wheels have favored mountain bike racing setups. The Aerospoke wheel is a design that can take a lot of abuse! You can drop over 4 feet numerous times on a ride, hit rocks and roots at full speed, and jump everything in sight that might even break your bicycle seatstays. The Aerospoke price wheels roll fairly true mile after mile, though they cannot be trued. And the rear hub in particular sounds like it is bulletproof. Aerospoke wheels are a great choice for triathlon, road bike riding, racing, and mountain bikes. And with Aerospoke prices being so competitive with other carbon bike wheels, they are a great wheelset choice to consider.

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