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April 23, 2018

Reach thousands of bicycling enthusiasts who visit QBike every day. We offer several
advertising opportunities for online biking, triathlon, and nutritional goods retailers.

Advertising on QBike is a great way to reach your target audience: bike enthusiasts surfing the web and looking to find the best prices on biking equipment. Every day, over 2,900 unique users visit QBike, executing over 7,200 searches for bikes and bike accessories, viewing 16,000+ pages, and clicking through 9,500 times to view bike products on retail bike sites. You can be sure that on QBike your advertising budget will go a long way toward gaining page views and sales on your site. We provide users with lightning-fast search results for bike equipment from all the top online bike stores, presented in a clear and easy-to-read format.

QBike welcomes all online biking, triathlon, and other sport-related retailers to participate in our advertising programs. Our web users are sophisticated online shoppers who accurately search for and find the bike gear they are seeking. Improve traffic and sales on your site by taking advantage of one or more of these advertisting options:

  • Product listings - add your product catalog to our searchable database
  • Banner ads - promote sale items, free shipping, and other offers available on your site
  • Search listings ads - target banner ads directly at the bike shoppers looking for the bike gear you specify

The last option is keyword-targeted advertising, or inter-search advertising. You choose the keywords, you choose the banner ad and/or text ad to deliver, and QBike puts it all together for you. "Keyword ads" are interspersed amongst search results on our search results pages. When a user executes a search, if a fragment of the user's search matches a keyword you've selected, an inter-search ad is displayed. Delivering ads based on keywords is a surefire way to effectively promote your products -- on sale, closeout items, or just plain one-of-a-kind goods -- to qualified users on QBike.

To find out more about advertising on QBike, please contact our advertising group at:

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