About QBike - Search Platform and Retail Store

About QBike

QBike is two websites in one:

  • QBike Search - www.qbike.com
  • QBike Store - store.qbike.com
You are currently on the QBike Search site. We aggregate data from the top biking and triathlon websites and show you the widest available selection of products and prices you'll find on the web. QBike Search is the original QBike, started in 1998, and has had over 2,000,000 visitors to date.

The QBike Store launched in 2012 and is a retail and internet sales operation based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You'll find the QBike Store product listings right in the mix with item listings from all the other top bike retailers.

Keep an eye on the logo graphic and on the indicators at the top and bottom of whatever page you're on to know if you're on QBike Search or in the QBike Store. Plus, QBike Search is built on the Twitter Bootstrap foundation and has a distinctive minimalistic, modern look; whereas the QBike Store uses the Magento platform and has it's own colorful design.

About QBike Search

QBike is the definitive web site to visit to search for all of your bicycling equipment. Road bikes, triathlon bikes and mountain bikes, wheelsets, clothing, plus the myriad of bike components you're looking for -- they're all here on QBike. We have product listings from all the major online bike stores, plus many specialty bike stores which offer great deals.

Using a proprietary data indexing system, coupled with an original, custom-developed combinatoric searching algorithm, you can be sure to quickly find what you're looking for on QBike, and to find it fast! If you're looking for the best price on a bike item, QBike will almost surely give you the information you need to make an educated purchase.

Results on search listings page are sorted by price. You can also sort by product name, by web site, or by the date items were last updated in our database. There are also "price alerts" which you can sign up for -- free -- and you will be emailed if the price drops on a bike item you're interested in.

QBike Operations

We're based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where long road rides take us along A1A north to West Palm Beach with beautiful ocean views along the way. The triathlon scene is very active in Florida, with races almost all year-round. If not racing, it's always nice to cruise along at a leisurely pace along the beach, taking in the sites and stopping for a cool drink when the sun is at its peak.

We hope QBike is useful for you. If it is, tell all your biking friends about us!

Welcome To QBike!
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