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Choose keywords for the bike gear you're shopping for and we'll send you an email as soon as matching items on QBike go on sale or fall below your price threshold. Be the first to find bike gear on sale - and be the lucky one to lock in the savings!

All you need to enter is your email address - no need to create a login or remember any passwords. You can make changes using the link in the email alerts we send to you.
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Enter your keywords:
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Want to keep it simple? Just enter keywords!
Max Price - OPTIONAL - specify a maximum price on alerts for that keyword
Sale Items Only - if checked, only alert you to items which are on sale - if not checked, you must specify a max price
You can use both Max Price and Sale Items Only together to fine tune your alerts.
Ex) "pearl izumi" - will alert you to all Pearl Izumi products on sale
Ex) "sidi 41" - will alert you to all Sidi shoes size 41 on sale
Ex) "110 stem" - will alert you to all 110mm stems on sale

In general, type short, concise keywords to match broadly on bike products.
A keyword choice such as "SHIMANO DURA-ACE ST-7700 STI BRAKE LEVERS" has very little chance of ever being matched - better: "dura 7700 brake"
Step 3      ⇐   ⇐   ⇐   ⇐   ⇐   ⇐   ⇐      What animal is pictured above?

Notes: (1) You can edit your alerts by using the link provided in your alert emails. Request an email if you would like an email sent to you right now. (2) You will receive emails as often as every 12 hours as bike gear goes on sale on various retail sites. (3) When you first sign up for alerts, you may receive many matching bike products on sale in your first few emails. (4) We respect your privacy - your email address will only be used by this site to send you bike gear sales alerts. (5) To discontinue your alerts, use the edit link provided in an alert and blank out all your alert entries.

Watch our 2 minute "how-to" video on to learn more about setting up your price alerts.

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