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Bar end shifters are particularly popular in the triathlon world. They attach to the end of aerobars and enable triathletes to shift gears both front and back while in an aerodynamic position. Bar end shifters are also used on road bikes and commuter bikes, placed on the ends of traditional bend handlebars. Picture a handlebar, first the brake hoods, and then the drops. The bar end shifters are at the very ends of the handlebar drops. This may at first, and logically so, seem like a dangerous place to place gear shifters. When a cyclist is flipping from fourth to fifth gear, say, it requires some pressure to be applied to make the shift. And that pressure results in force being transferred through the handlebar, which could cause the handlebar to twist, which affects the steering, which – well, you get the idea. Just like anything else, with sufficient practice and with due care, bar and shifters on road bikes and commuter bikes work just fine. When you order bar end shifters, you need to get a pair, since one is intended for the front derailleur and the other for the rear derailleur. You will find bar endbshifters that are compatible with 8, 9, and 10 speed gearing systems.

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