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QBike is your one-stop online destination for all bike parts, road bikes, mountain bikes, as well as other bicycles and triathlon gear.
We provide lightning fast search access to all of your bicycling needs, including fixies, BMX, commuter bikes and more. Focusing on mountain bikes: are you looking for a hardtail or a full-suspension mountain bike? Our MTB buying guide will help you find just the right bike, by size and by price range. If you need a bicycle that is suitable for both paved and unpaved terrain, a hardtail mountain bike provides the most versatility. Keep in mind that hardtail mountain bikes don't handle technical singletrack trails as capably as those with good shock absorption, which gives better rear-wheel traction. If your choice in mountain bikes is for bumpy, steep, twisty backcountry trails, full-suspension bikes are the way to go. These mountain bikes have both front and rear suspension shocks. They're more expensive, yes, but able to withstand aggressive bicycling, such as drops of 5 or more feet. Among the many products available for your mountain bike are front suspension forks and MTB shoes. Avid bicyclists are always in need of bike parts, and that's especially true of hard core mountain bikers who seek out challenging trail adventures and place heavy demands on their bicycles.
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From the QBike Blog - "Rolling Right Along"
Phantom Bikes - Bright Kids Bikes
I was looking at recent Kickstarter projects recently when I happened upon a featured listing on the front page. It was for kids bikes - but not just any bikes, super bright, fun-looking, glow-in-the-dark bikes with clear top tubes and down tubes. My interest was piqued, so I read the back story, checked out the bikes more closely, and I was sold. I suppose in a literal sense - I backed the project, so I'll get one of the May release bikes! I'll give a synopsis below of Phantom Bikes and what is being offered on the Kickstarter project.


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